Food & Beverage Supervisor

Little America

Flagstaff, AZ

The main function of the Little America Hotel Food & Beverage Supervisor is the overall supervision and direction of the coffee shop operation.

The tasks that are essential to perform the function of this position are:
• To see to guest comfort and satisfaction.
• To assist with scheduling and staffing of personnel.
• To know and perform Host/Cash functions when needed.
• To effectively communicate with management; i.e. rules, problems and suggestions for the benefit of overall operation, including guest satisfaction, service and personnel.

• Ability to support oneself in an erect and/or completely upright position for a prolonged period of time.
• Ability to substantially press against something with a steady force in order to push forward, downward, or outward and to exert a considerable force in order to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects in a sustained motion.
• Ability to raise substantial objects from a lower to a higher position, or move objects horizontally from position to position.
• Ability to manipulate small objects precisely by whatever means, and to apply considerable grasping-type pressure to an object.
• Ability to express and exchange ideas verbally.

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